The repairs on the house will be done in a year or two.. 

That time feels so unlong right now.

The plan is to stay in the general area of where we are now, which is good.

And my dads been talking about getting an apartment. He says as long as the bus picks us up and takes us to school.

Meaning I should still end up going to the same school.

But apparently this has been mentioned before.

In June. *sigh*

I remember that people on Flipnote Hatena sometimes lost wifi for months when they moved. Sometimes even forever. Greeeaaat.

But Ill just basically live at the library.. Free wifi there.

Or at Kaylas place.

Also free wifi.

Im so bored.

I think Insanity abandoned me.

And then theyre being slow.. (The other person Im talking to :P)

Pink is pretty much the only one whos replying right away.

Theres like no-one on.

I need more chara names. 

I constantly think up chara names, and a bunch of them are never used.. .3.

Im hungry.

Great, this is lagging -.-

Oh hey. Food. .3.

Im not hungry anymore.

I have like a half hour to forty five minutes... Im so bored. 

*sigh* I dont know if Ill be back later or not.

Wait a sec... Why is my sister playing a Dora game? //confused// She hates Dora.. 

This is short. But I have to go.